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Since the company has founded, all along persisted "the dependence science and technology, the strict anagement, the careful operation, first-class" the quality policy, the implementation "the quality is the benefit, the quality is the enterprise life" principle.
Established has improved the quality testing organization, was equipped with guarantees take the nature as the main item quality testing branch, the craft examination group, the chemical analysis room, the physical test chamber, the measurement room, supersonic and the turbulent flow crack detection examination to, provided more than 30 to have the national approval I level, II level examines the personnel and the specialized technical personnel, coordinates the ISOO9000 system the effective movement, entered the company from the raw material to leave the storehouse to the end product in, guaranteed the department by the nature to coordinate to examine the group strictly according to the sequencing, , the standardization carries on the control. In the check-out facility all but under the fine superiority, has formed the Total Quality Control network, regular or non-periodically carries on the surveillance inspection, guarantees the storehouse qualified rate to reach 100%, product is high in user well-knownness. Until now, in domestic is equipped with more than 20 sales and the special sales agreement company, has the multitudinous large-scale user unit, sells in distant markets South
Korean and the Southeast Asia area. up to, the accumulation sells 70,000 tons products, has never had the user suit quality accident. Thus, the market demand doubles year by year, the company scale expands unceasingly, the output from puts up a factory the initial period (92 years) the insufficient 1,000 tons, increases to 1999 annual output more than 8,000 tons, because the product quality guaranteed, deeply user high praise. In 2000 at the Guangzhou metal material trade fair is deep the foreign business circle appreciation.
The strength day will pursue remarkable, the fine trough asks the essence, the renewal product and the technology, will supply the higher quality stainless steel seamless steel pipe for the Chinese and foreign customer production.