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  The enterprise idea is the enterprise is energetic, the superior quality, the value pursue, the civilized behavior, the prestige image centralism manifests. The strength day high speed continues to develop, benefits from party's reform and open policy good policy, benefits in the social from all walks of life care and the upport and the entire physical strength beauty's joint effort, moreover also benefits from the enterprise idea innovation and the development. For many years, the company has formed the strength day enterprise idea which is haracteristic.
   * Subject idea: The strength will create the future, the world asks with
  * Values: Let the quality write the strength beauty's dignity.
  * The talented person observes: Hiner hundred Sichuan, lets the flood dragon soar; Thousand boats compete send, no matter what the groups of heroes strive to be the first.
  * Enterprise spirit: The unity, strives for realism, innovation, development.